Hi, DIYgod

nintendo switch

The blog has moved to a new home.

Seeing that Google Adsense has already reached over $100 and can be withdrawn soon, and also wanting to buy a VPS to run Python crawlers, I just purchased a Linode 1GB. It feels great.

I would like to thank TECHNETCAL and 音符 for hosting me during the time I left Hengchuang. There was also a weird host who said they would sponsor me but then kicked me out after a few days.

In addition, I have organized the list of friend links and removed some links related to software sharing, making money online, and links that were removed without my permission (no further notice will be given, please contact me if you have any questions). There are also some links that seem to be dead:

If they are still active, please contact me immediately.

Considering that there are already more than 80 friend links, in order to limit the quantity, I will no longer accept new friend links unconditionally. The requirements for adding new friend links are as follows:

  1. No infringing content, including but not limited to pirated software, pirated videos, and unsigned reposted articles. It is allowed to have a small amount of content that I enjoy (I just want to have double standards, if you don't agree, bite me٩(๑`н´๑)۶).
  2. Not heavily commercialized or profit-oriented.
  3. Truly dedicated to maintaining the link.
  4. Engage in more communication with me.
  5. To be added later, I haven't figured it out yet ღ(๑╯◡╰๑ღ)
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