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2018 Runaway Yu People Festival Exhibition Diary

The Baozou Yu Ren Festival is the first interactive entertainment exhibition of Baozou Comics. As a fan of Baozou, of course, I couldn't miss it and bought tickets early.

Overall, the feeling is great. The lineup of guests is strong, there are many interactions (you can even go to the toilet with Wang Nima), and there is a lot of sincerity. However, the shortcomings are also obvious. The main content of the Baozou Yu Ren Festival is concentrated in the program performances on the main stage, but the seating at the Shanghai New International Expo Center is far from enough. It feels more suitable to be held in a place like the Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center in a similar location to BML.

I arrived relatively late in the morning, took a look at the vendor booths, didn't watch the program, and had some interactions with the Baozou family on the main stage at noon, and then there were programs in the afternoon.


Super cute, I became a fan


Oh hahahaha

Baozou Family#

Full lineup, excited

Yao Ren Mao, Chi Jiu Jiu, You Mei Jiang#

Yamashita Tomohiro#

Autograph session, took a photo together

When I was leaving, I met Wang Nima in the toilet. He was also wearing a mask while going to the toilet, and there was a staff member next to him. I was very excited and stayed still for several seconds... I found out that Wang Nima is much shorter than me, probably below 170cm 😂

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