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For those who love postcards - the annual postcard giveaway event (already concluded)

Q: Why do I want your postcard? My mom said I shouldn't take things from strangers.

A: Have you ever experienced the feeling of small happiness?

For example, receiving a postcard out of the blue, with only one sentence on it: "For someone who loves postcards."

Or receiving a postcard that arrived late, when you didn't expect it anymore.

Or seeing someone write overflowing words for you, even though your relationship is still shallow.

Have you experienced these things?

I have, through postcards.

I am a postcard enthusiast. Every time I go somewhere, the first thing I do is buy postcards related to the local nature and culture.

But the value of these cards is far more than just collecting and showing off.

There is a moment when I really hope that you, who are not at the same landmark, can witness our friendship with your own eyes, or feel a bit of warmth from a stranger.

There is a moment when I really want to experience a slow-paced lifestyle. A letter, a postcard, maybe sent to someone I miss, or to a long-distance friend who is lost and anxious, or to a friend I have a good feeling about in a magical situation.

Q: I want it, how can I receive your postcard?

A: This time, I have customized over 100 postcards (see the header image in the article). In theory, everyone (who is quick enough) can receive one.

Apart from a few close friends I have reserved for, anyone else can tell me your real name, nickname, address (the address must be specific to the door number, and the school must be specific to the class) and postal code through Weibo private message, QQ, WeChat, email, Telegram, etc. After I confirm (as described below), you can wait for the postcard to find you through mountains and valleys.

Q: How do I know if you have seen my postcard application?

A: I will update the confirmation list at the end of the article (only writing nicknames). Since there will be many applicants, if you don't see your nickname after 3 days, please contact me again.

Q: When will I receive your postcard?

A: It could be as short as half a month, or as long as a lifetime.

Q: What courier service do you use?

A: Postcards - Wikipedia.

Q: Can you give me more than one?

A: Yes, for any additional postcards, please transfer 100 yuan per card through WeChat or Alipay.

Q: I don't like postcards, can you give me something else?

A: No, I can't.

Q: Do you only give postcards because you're poor?

A: Yes, you can transfer money through WeChat or Alipay.

Q: You mentioned that you have reserved for some people, is there any dirty business going on?

A: ...

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