Hi, DIYgod

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The path we have walked

This is the we have spent together

Above are some places we have been together, one of which is marked as 1996. I didn't write it wrong, I was 1 year old that year. We were neighbors, but unfortunately we have no memories of those years


Thirteen years later, when I just started high school, my mom excitedly told me one night: guess who I met while taking a walk?

I definitely couldn't guess, because I don't remember anything

Later I found out that she was in the same class as me, and that's how the story continued

At that time, we went home together every day after school, our relationship was very close, and our parents and teachers were very nervous, thinking that we were dating, but I was always immersed in studying, nothing actually happened, the most we talked about on the way home from school was homework, now I think back and feel a little regretful


But interesting souls will eventually meet, 5 years later, this person became my girlfriend after I tricked her, and our story will continue


Looking back, these plots are somewhat similar to your name

(I won't post photos, you can imagine what you look like and your personality, with a single ponytail like Sanae Hanekawa)

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