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C94 & CP2018SP Exhibition Diary

C94 and CP2018SP are not on the same day, but they are both doujinshi events and they are very close in time, so I'm writing about them together.


Comic Market, the world's largest doujinshi event, was held in Tokyo on August 10th. Of course, I didn't have the money to go, so I participated in the event on Twitter for all three days. I was so excited that my mouth was watering.

I asked a friend to buy me a doujinshi by Kentaro Yabuki at the Aniplex booth. After all, the quality of the official artist's work is superb. It's so amazing!

If I had another chance, I would buy three copies: one to enjoy, one to keep, and one to share.



Before leaving, I found that my gimbal was broken. Damn DJI! So this time, I didn't make a vlog.

Comicup, held in Shanghai on August 25th, was much smaller in scale than CP22 in May, and it couldn't compare to C94 at all. I finished exploring the entire venue in just over two hours, and then, feeling bored, I went through it all over again...

Although it was smaller in scale, I still bought many doujinshi that I liked. I bought all the darlings I encountered. It's so amazing!


Comparison with CP22


After coming out, I went to eat beef hot pot with my friends, then watched Ant-Man, and then had some skewers. The draft strawberry beer at this skewer place is super delicious. Even though I don't like drinking, I had a big glass of it. Seeing Freddy dancing happily, you can tell how good it tasted.

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