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Wei Xiaowei has always been my favorite UP host, no doubt about it.

I remember getting into it with 【Wei Xiaowei】Ghost Dance Jiangnan Leather Factory Closed Down (Just for Fun), and then I watched some embarrassing "square dances," which are embarrassing dances performed in public. Watching Wei Xiaowei's videos goes through three stages. At the beginning, your brain is instantly overwhelmed by the intense joy pouring out, your mouth starts to curl up, your eyes widen, and your rationality is taken over by happiness. Then comes the embarrassment, your brain trembles, and the remaining rationality makes you want to close the video in shame, but it's too late, the overwhelming joy that your body can't bear makes you unable to move, making you continue the "longest three minutes of your life." Finally, when the video ends, you will be shocked, why! Why would you do such a thing in public! Why is it so embarrassing and awkward! Why did I watch it! Why am I so happy!

However, the impact is not over yet, your life has been subtly healed, although you are not aware of what happened, but you have a little more courage for the things you love, a little more passion for life, and you changed your bio to "Writing code is love, writing fills the world with love!" When you come to your senses, you realize that you were clumsily imitating Wei Xiaowei's bio, "Dancing is love, dancing fills the world with love!" Wei Xiaowei has brought dance and joy to different parts of the world, and you have also contributed to the world by writing open-source projects.

It's really a beautiful story, is it over now? (If it were, there wouldn't be this article today 🤣

Such a confident and sunny girl must have been shining since she was little, growing up in a honey jar, everyone would naturally think so, including me, until I saw the video Wei Xiaowei released today.

Tagore's "The world kisses me with pain, and I will respond with a song" is perfectly interpreted here. When I see the phrase "Dancing is love, dancing fills the world with love!" again, I have a different feeling, feeling even more like a poor imitator.

A few months ago, I read a book called "The Courage to Be Disliked," which also talked about this point: "What determines ourselves is not our past experiences, but the meaning we give to those experiences." At that time, I held some doubts, but now I have a deeper understanding. The reason why people have unhappiness is not because of the past or the environment, and it is not because of lack of ability, but simply because of a lack of courage, a lack of courage to obtain happiness. Looking at Wei Xiaowei, she is the most courageous person I have ever seen. I also want to continue to grow and have more courage and passion.

I am inspired again, I I I I want to dance.

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