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A Special Open Source Project Sponsorship


Qixia sister shared a post link in the group, the general idea is that ~~I, Handshake, have money, and I'm giving away virtual currency to developers on GitHub who meet the requirements. As long as you have more than 15 followers and have uploaded SSH keys, you can receive 1000 dollars worth of virtual currency HNS, which can then be exchanged for Bitcoin and withdrawn.

Hmph, how could I, who grew up in various e-commerce platforms and telecommunications scams, fall for this? It's definitely either a scam or a scheme similar to Pinduoduo's 100 yuan withdrawal. I won't use my noble GitHub account for such things.

I scoffed at Qixia sister.

The next day, I received a spam email.


It made me realize that this thing, it might be real!

Then I also saw that someone had indeed successfully withdrawn, it turns out there really are such good things.


Qixia sister scoffed at me.

Claiming HNS#

According to the official instructions of Handshake, generate an encrypted proof and submit it to the Handshake blockchain to claim HNS currency.


Finally, the script outputted a Base64 string, submit it to Handshake to claim HNS.


Wait for about 16 hours for it to arrive.

Exchanging for Bitcoin#

On the third day, when I woke up, I found that it had arrived.


I'm ready to exchange HNS for Bitcoin, but I found that the price of HNS has been plummeting these days, from $2000 at the beginning of the event, to $1000 when I saw the post, $700 when I claimed it, and $600 when it arrived. At the time of writing this article, it's only $400.

There are two ways to exchange for Bitcoin, directly through official channels or sell it on an exchange.


Directly exchanging will result in a much smaller amount, so I chose to sell it on an exchange.

I sold it for 0.06431673 BTC and transferred it to my BTC account on OKEX.



Exchanging for Chinese Yuan#

Finally, I sold the Bitcoin through the fiat trading on OKEX and received 4370.59 Chinese Yuan.


About this money#

Because the requirement for claiming it is GitHub followers, I won't take this money for granted or call it "wool" like others do. Instead, I will consider this money as a special sponsorship for open-source projects. It will be used together with other sponsorships to support me in dedicating more time to open-source projects and help me achieve my goal of becoming a full-time open-source author.

Thanks to Handshake.

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