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RSS3 provides the coolest, most ideal, and most free open-source remote work.

"If there is heaven, it must be like a library. Information flows freely there, books are published freely, and people discuss freely."

The right of human beings to produce, disseminate, and distribute information should not be controlled by any data or internet platform. This is a basic right belonging to digital humans.

We all realize that the internet is still far from this ideal. If you are willing to make a tiny change for it, let's do it together 🌍

Who are we?#

We are Natural Selection Labs, dedicated to creating an internet where information flows freely.

All our works are open source on GitHub:

We are committed to information freedom, so we also help our members achieve maximum freedom:

We are a distributed organization, and all members work remotely. Members are located in China, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and other countries. We encourage members to move freely. Wherever you are, we will do our best to provide assistance including but not limited to visa, green card, immigration, and a comfortable life in the local area.

We advocate for flexible working hours. It's completely fine if you prefer to sleep during the day and work at night, or play during the day and work at night like a robot.

We have sufficient capital and the utmost respect and generous treatment for talents who meet our expectations.

Our members currently include amateur folk rap singer St.Z 桑藤, a time-traveling free and open-source seeker Atlas, the one with the highest emotional intelligence Usagi, the best at taking care of cats and life Anny, the newbie with 42k GitHub Stars DIYgod, Joshua who brings us together but pretends to be a chef every day, a Tang Miao who can do everything, a reliable and supportive Albert, a gentle straight male Jia Duo, and a low-key and interesting Raina Xingyang...

You can visit our online office here


What are we doing specifically?#

Chanting slogans and dreaming are things everyone can do, but even the grandest ideals need to be achieved step by step. That's why we need more like-minded members. We have done these works so far, but there is still a lot of work that is difficult to complete with existing resources alone.


RSS3 is derived from RSS and is the information flow of the Web3 era. As an open protocol for information distribution in the Web 3.0 era, it aims to become the cornerstone of future social, content, gaming, and e-commerce applications by providing content, distribution channels, and economic environments.

Official website:


Web3 Name Service#

A compatible and inclusive username service for the Web3 world, committed to compatibility with all username protocols, including ENS and RNS, and providing basic services for RSS3 or any decentralized application that requires usernames.


Web3 Pass#

A landing exploration product for the RSS3 protocol v0.2.x.

RSS3 Bio - You have a personal website in Web1, Twitter and Instagram pages in Web2, and now you have an RSS3 Bio in Web3.

Official website:


Re: ID#

A landing exploration product for the RSS3 protocol v0.1.x.

Re is a browser extension that synchronizes your tweets to your encrypted RSS3 file that belongs to you.

Official website:



A landing exploration product for the RSS3 protocol v0.3.x, currently under active development.

No official website or GitHub available at the moment.


Before the distributed nodes go online, information freedom and openness are achieved by publicly disclosing all RSS3 user data on GitHub. As of writing this article, there are 13,000+ users, 51,000+ relationships, and 643,000+ assets. You can view real-time statistics here and here.


In addition, there are RSS3-related SDKs, Hubs, plugins, etc., which can be found on the team's GitHub for more information. You can also learn more about us through our blog and Twitter.

What will we provide you?#

  • The opportunity to directly participate in the underlying revolution of the internet and make the world a better place
  • The opportunity to meet and collaborate with top Web3 projects in the world
  • A group of loving and capable teammates
  • A development approach where all works are completely open source
  • A work mode that allows you to work remotely forever, balancing poetry and distance, and having flexible working hours
  • Highly competitive compensation that keeps you away from the "mediocrity of life"
  • A bunch of heartwarming and mysterious welfare packages
  • Assistance with life, visas, green cards, and immigration
  • No restrictions on nationality, hobbies, or any personal preferences... LGBTQ+ friendly
  • A relaxed atmosphere. We are proud of the culture we have created for our team
  • A story to tell to future generations when you grow old

What do we expect from you?#

  • Identify with our values and believe that human beings can and need to produce, disseminate, and distribute information in a healthier and more just way
  • Have sufficient passion and determination for the goal of free flow of information
  • Programming/design skills beyond your peers
  • Proactive and active thinking ability, not expecting to be a brainless working machine or a screw
  • Strong learning ability and willingness to quickly adapt to unknown fields
  • Have the courage to challenge outdated rules and establish new things
  • Normal communication and collaboration skills
  • Basic understanding and awareness of the Web3.0 field
  • Responsible for the team and results, self-disciplined, analytical, and collaborative
  • Basic English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills
  • A resume that allows us to better understand you

What skills do we need?#

  • Front-end: Proficient in using Vue or React; participated in open-source projects
  • Full-stack: Proficient in using Vue or React; proficient in using Node.js; proficient in using Go or can quickly get started; participated in open-source projects
  • Decentralized Systems: Have a foundation in cryptographic computer network theory; proficient in using Go or Node.js or can quickly get started; have independent ideas about decentralized systems, such as theory, design, future, scenarios, etc.; participated in open-source projects
  • Mobile Development: Currently limited to senior iOS or Android developers, capable of leading and leading the development of a complete product; participated in open-source projects
  • Operations: At least two years of full-time internet operations experience; participated in distributed and blockchain projects' operations; internships or fresh graduates ⇒ marketing, communication; plus points for conjoint or double major in computer science or software engineering
  • Marketing: At least two years of full-time business development and marketing experience; participated in business development and marketing work for distributed and blockchain projects; internships or fresh graduates ⇒ business, marketing; plus points for conjoint or double major in computer science or software engineering
  • Design: A beautiful portfolio
  • Administrative Assistant (Internship): Flexible adaptability and problem-solving skills, highly efficient and smart

Resume submission address: [email protected]

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