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My Last Struggle with the World

During the week when I was invaded by Ziroom in my bedroom, I suffered great mental trauma, over 10,000 yuan in financial losses, and a weight gain of six kilograms. I tried everything I could do, including multiple police reports, various channels for complaints, online exposure, contacting the media, and preparing for a lawsuit. My will was firm and unyielding, and I swore to make them pay the price. I wouldn't stop until the issue was resolved. I firmly believed that this matter would definitely have a perfect ending.

However, now more than 20 days have passed, and I haven't even received an apology or admission of guilt.

I have been thinking all along, after spending so much energy and money, and persisting for so long, what is it that I really want?

Is it just to vent my anger? I have long let go of that.
Is it an apology from Ziroom? Actually, I don't care anymore.
Is it financial compensation? I don't lack that money either.

Now I know the answer. What I want is the confidence to continue living here.

Law enforcement agencies like to compromise, the public lacks legal awareness, and there is a fundamental lack of basic respect between people. These are the root causes of such incidents, and these problems cannot be solved in the short term. Similar incidents will continue to happen.

I have lost this confidence. They are right, this world is just like that, unchangeable. Forget it.

The above is my final struggle with this world. I may go to the UK for postgraduate studies next year. Goodbye for now.


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