Hi, DIYgod

nintendo switch

Made a small change.

New beginning, only made a small change


Changed from to originated from a favorite anime series in high school called "Another". It's been a long time since then, and I can't remember the plot anymore.

Blogging Platform#

Switched from WordPress to Hexo
Hexo is a static blog framework based on Node.js. As a frontend developer who doesn't know PHP, Hexo is more convenient for me to use.
Now the blog is hosted on GitHub and uses UPYUN as a CDN, so I don't have to maintain my own server anymore.


The style remains mostly the same
I rebuilt the previous WordPress theme based on Next and named it Sagiri. My theme is as cute as Sagiri.
In addition to being cuter, I have also made improvements to use Webpack to bundle JavaScript and handle pjax based on the original theme.

Although the theme is open source, it is a project for personal use, and many customizable features have not been implemented. From the perspective of an open source project, it is not well done. Currently, I am not very interested in making themes, so please consider carefully before using it.

Blog Name#

Since the domain name has changed, the blog name has also been changed from Anotherhome to Hi, DIYgod.


Without the native comments of WordPress, this was quite a headache. After much consideration, I chose Disqus and migrated the previous comments.
To use it normally, you need to enable proxies for | |


Many old articles have lost their meaning, so I deleted a large portion of them.

Need to reapply.
I hope to become friends first before exchanging links, and I generally do not accept requests from unfamiliar people.

Old Archive#
The archive has closed all comments and may go offline at any time.

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