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Two weeks living with Paru

Pokémon Fantasy#


Which little boy hasn't fantasized about living in a world full of Pokémon partners, who can understand and listen to us, have different characteristics and powerful skills, and are all cute? We can sleep, eat, fight, and explore the world with them, never feeling lonely. Anyone can find the Pokémon that suits them best.

All of this could have happened a long time ago, but the complex copyright issues of Pokémon and the copyright company Game Freak lying flat on the laurels have kept our fantasies just fantasies.

Of course, some people say that the recent works like Arceus and Zhu Zi are much better than before, "although they are much better, they are just slightly less stinky dog shit," said DIYgod, a Pokémon player who has spent a lot of time playing Sword and Shield, Arceus, Zhu Zi, and Pokemon Sleep, indignantly.

Palworld Realization#


But as long as the fantasy continues, it is only a matter of time before it becomes a reality. The emergence of the mythical creature Palu has brought a satisfying parallel fantasy world to all Pokémon fans. Finally, even though I don't have Windows, I specifically bought an ROG Ally to indulge in it.

The interaction with Palu in the game is unprecedented. The process of clothing, food, shelter, transportation, and battle is deeply integrated with Palu. It's really living with Palu.

The interaction started as soon as we landed in the initial plateau. Our first foothold was not built by ourselves, but with the help of the mischievous cat.



Later, Palu took care of all our logistics. Every meal we had required planting, watering, harvesting, transporting, storing, and cooking, all done by Palu with different skills and division of labor. The refrigeration was done by the ice-making Palu, and the cooking was done by the fire-breathing Palu.



When we go out to explore, we ride the water-sliding snake to cross the river, ride the cloud-deer to travel, and ride the song-dragon to climb mountains.



When we are in battle, we use the fire-fox as a shield and flamethrower, ride the electric-bear to shoot machine guns, and even though it's not very humane, we can throw the electric-thorn rat like a grenade. At the same time, the Flame Hymn in the stronghold helps us forge steel and make guns, while Anubis helps us hand-roll bullets.



From chopping trees barehanded to walking with machine guns, from being ignored to being overcrowded, in the unconscious construction, I have poured too much emotion into the world of Palu.

From the first day with an empty stomach

Pal   6_2_2024 下午 9_54_32

to now

Pal   19_2_2024 上午 2_45_40

Pal   18_2_2024 上午 12_42_29

Some Extra Explorations#

Data Display#


After all, it's a single-player game, and the data is stored locally, so it can be easily processed.

There is an open-source project that can parse save files into JSON for convenient third-party development and display:

There is also an open-source project that can generate a frontend page from JSON:

So I synchronized the save files to my NAS and deployed a display page on the NAS, making it easy to view my Palus:


Palu has a rich community of mods, such as turning Chickens into Kun or turning Palus into Pokémon, and some mods can greatly enhance the gaming experience without affecting the game balance.

The mods I use mainly come from a modding community called Nexus Mods, and they have a convenient mod installation and management tool called Vortex Mod Manager. Here are the mods I am currently using:

  • Basic MiniMap: Adds a basic mini-map feature that the official version inexplicably lacks. Remember to turn off rotation in the settings.

  • Better Night Light: The night is too dark, and you can't see anything, like having night blindness. This mod makes it brighter and also changes the night sky to a beautiful one.

    Pal   18_2_2024 下午 8_05_05

  • Golden Statue of Power: Makes the Power Stone statue golden and more textured.

    Pal   18_2_2024 下午 9_06_28

  • Play as Zoe and Hide All Human Hair All female Head All HeadEquip: Hide the original outfits and become Zoe, my wife.

  • Paimon Replace DaeDream: Turns the Dreamer into Paimon.

    Pal   19_2_2024 上午 2_09_33

  • Pal Analyzer: Allows you to see the attributes and traits of Palus before capturing them. For handheld mode, remember to change the display to "always on" in the settings.

    Pal   18_2_2024 下午 7_45_54

  • Stuck Pal Rescuer: A life-saving mod. Palus in the stronghold often get stuck and starve to death due to bugs. This mod can automatically detect if a Palu is stuck and reset it.

  • FSR3 Support: The official version does not support frame generation for A cards. With Roy Ally, you can increase the frame rate from over 40 to over 70 in medium graphics quality.

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